PKM Advertising Group

"The greatest gift you can offer the world is to be your self "

We Listen

We work very closely with our head office and with all of our clients ; our aim is to listen and then execute  

We Communicate

Our Communication abilities enables us to get the job done at an high efficiency rate 

We Deliver Results

With such a talented group of individuals we are able to drive sales and produce results

Meet the talented team

Kirit Mann

                      PKM Advertising Group-Vancouver  

Kirit Started working with PKM Advertising Group in the  spring of 2021 .

Kirit natural ability has a passionate individual stood out right away where she has garner much success in relations to representing our clients on a face to face approach ;

Kirit currently works both as the administrative assistant manager for PKM Vancouver and as a Team trainer ; Kirit has ambitions of becoming a successful entrepreneur while actively making a difference to those around her.


Mark Robb

President of Mamba Driven inc.

Mark began his career with TNI in May 2016 and immediately caught the attention of his mentors. His first year in the business can be described in one word: determined. He set goals for himself and made sure he reached them. He regularly placed on the top of the leader boards, received production accolades, helped train new reps and began building a strong team. As a result, Mark was named the Silver Rep of the Quarter for the last quarter of 2017 and received a promotion to Team Leader on January 29th, 2018. He was then named Team Leader of the Quarter for the first and second quarters of 2018. It comes as no surprise that Mark was recognized once again for his efforts in his recent promotion to Manager in November 2018.

Minuete Campbell

Manager of Mamba Driven Inc.

Minuete began her career in September of 2015 and started navigating her path to success, acquiring performance accolades and praise from her mentors along the way. Upon gaining a thorough knowledge of the business, Minuete started mentoring others with the goal of moving into a managerial role. She worked her way up the ranks, achieving promotions to Leader and shortly after that, Team Leader. Her hard work and never give up attitude led to her next career opportunity and saw her make the move to Ajax, Ontario with Michael and Mark to help open PKM- Ajax. After a successful launch of the Ajax office, Minuete returned to North York received her promotion to Manager of Mamba Driven Inc.. She has now turned her focus to incorporation with plans of running her own business by the end of this year.

Tristan Jagarnauth 

Sales Trainer 

Tristan Jagarnauth started with PKM Advertising Group in June of 2018 in Ajax, Ontario, where he rapidly moved through the ranks due to his motivation, hard work, personality and dedication to improvement. In November of 2018, Tristan moved to Calgary to help build a PKM office there, which proved to be a great move for him, as Tristan was awarded the Top Leader award for PKM Calgary at the 2018 TNI West Agency Holiday Party. Tristan was the promoted to Team Leader in February of 2019 and just a few weeks later, Assistant Manager. Tristan's road to success reached yet another level recently in a well deserved promotion to Manager. Tristan Currently works as a Sale Trainer .

Seyed Madani

President of Global Leadership Group

Seyed Madani started with DCF Advance Marketing back in July of 2017 in North York, Ontario, Seyed started slow in our company however due to his motivation, hard work, personality and dedication to improvement he is now the owner and President of Global Leadership Group in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Seyed was awarded the 2019 and 2020 back-to-back bell ringer of the year award at the TNI West Agency Holiday Party. Seyed now remains dedicated on building an organization for himself with hopes of further expansion the future