PKM Advertising Group

Michael Phillips - President of The PKM Advertising Group

Hello Everyone;

My name is Michael Phillips and I began my  career with TNI at DCF Advanced Marketing Inc. in July of 2015 and immediately I developed an affinity for clients who aided children in need. 

My  never give up attitude, my passion and my enthusiasm made me strive for success while helping others.

 I experienced my  first promotion as a Team Leader in the spring of 2017; It was a natural step for me as I rose up the ranks to an Assistant Manager on August 20th, 2017.

 A short time later, I assisted David Flynn in the expansion of DCF Advanced Marketing by moving to Ajax, Ontario to run a DCF office, where I then reached the next step of my  career with a promotion to ownership in June of 2018,

We now have locations all across Canada with opportunities to offer those who seek it,

Here at PKM  "You Never Lose , If You Make  Moves"